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Platteville Staff Voicemail: (608) 342-4868
Existing Patient Emergencies: (608) 342-4853 Ext. 11
Non-Patient Emergencies: Dial 911

Outpatient Mental Health Services

Professional and confidential counseling is provided to children, adolescents, and adults for a variety of concerns and problems.

Counseling and psychotherapy services are also offered to couples and families.

A wide range of issues bring people to counseling including depression, anxiety, family conflict, eating disorders, behavior problems, separation and divorce, coping with physical illness, grief and bereavement, and more.

Psychological Testing

Limited psychological testing is available at WKM Clinic. A screen for ADD or ADHD can be administered by several of our therapists. In addition, an MMPI-2 Personality Inventory can be given to you after consultation with your therapist. This test can yield important and significant information about you that can assist your therapist and you with achieving your therapeutic goals. WKM routinely and regularly refers patients to the Dean Clinic for more extensive psychological testing and neuropsychological testing. Ask your therapist about further testing, if it appears appropriate and needed. All school age children can obtain psychological testing through their local school district and your therapist can help you arrange this for your child.